Lake Constance creates borders – shipping overcomes them

The ships of the Lake Constance Shipping Company (BSB) connect towns all around Lake Constance and across national borders

From Constance to Bregenz, from Rorschach to Lindau or Friedrichshafen to Romanshorn: Shipping on Lake Constance is the connecting element on the Lake.
Borders can be overcome. "Shipping is the driving force here on the Lake." That is why the four large shipping companies on the Lake joined together to form the United Shipping Company of Lake Constance and the Rhine (abbreviated: VSU) and now operate a joint timetable. Figures for the number of passengers are very presentable: the international White Fleet, as the Lake Constance vessels are known, transports almost four million passengers from shore to shore each year. There are also combined tickets available with other attractions on and around Lake Constance, which include the ship’s fare and entrance fee to the place of interest.

It is the overall experience that matters when taking a boat ride across Lake Constance. You experience the Lake on board from a different perspective. Whoever allows their gaze to wander over the vast lake is enjoying the beauty of nature, the picturesque towns and landmarks on shore.

Lake Constance creates borders – shipping overcomes them
Norbert Reuter


Name: Dr. Norbert Reuter

Marital status: married

Profession: Managing Director BSB

Has lived on Lake Constance since Summer 2013


  • A regular service for a steamship was established for the first time in 182
  • Since 2003, the BSB belongs to the group of companies Stadtwerke Konstanz GmbH
  • Today, 12 motorised ships belong to the fleet of the BSB
  • The oldest vessel used in scheduled operational services is the “Baden” (built in 1935)
  • The newest ship is the “Überlingen” (2010)