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Professor Dr. Erwin Beck, Rector of the Educational University (PH), St.Gallen and Chairman of the IBH Cooperation Council

"The International Lake Constance University (IBH) has revived the college landscape and now promotes cooperation between business, science and society," according to the conviction of Professor Dr. Erwin Beck, Rector of the PH, St.Gallen and Chairman of the Cooperation Council of the International Lake Constance University IBH. As a cross-border network of 30 colleges and universities in Germany, the Principality of Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland, the International Lake Constance University functions as a motor for development. It offers - in the form of cross-border collaboration - new courses, supports research and development in cooperation with local companies and improves the education and further training activities in the area sustainably. "The IBH is undoubtedly the largest cross-border university network in Europe of its kind with 30 participating universities, over 3,000 professors and more than 100,000 students," Professor Beck noted, smiling.
The member educational establishments are a network that is continuously being expanded and deepened as the IBH. The aim of the IBH is to provide attractive opportunities for learning and working across borders, both for students and researchers. Cross-university courses create added-value for students and universities. With the joint development of services, member universities are able to strengthen the level of cooperation. Working groups (e.g. on the subject of gender and diversity, career enhancement, communication, WTT and abroad) in which representatives of the member universities within the network both exchange knowledge professionally as well as offer events for a wider audience. But what is it all about? "The solution of socially relevant challenges through research and development projects is an important goal of the International Lake Constance University," said Professor Dr. Erwin Beck. For this purpose, the IBH universities cooperate with stakeholders from the worlds of business and society. The IBH supports projects, which must involve at least two educational institutes from at least two of the four Member States and cover the areas of teaching, research and development, knowledge and technology transfer and structural formation. Joint and cross-border projects within the IBH promote regional development, concentrate expertise and contribute to the promotion of innovation processes in cooperation with companies.
The Lake Constance region thus has an enormous potential for the generation and diffusion of knowledge. The International Lake Constance University offers added-value for the individual member universities, as well as for the Lake Constance region. Through regional anchoring and cross-border cooperation, the International Lake Constance University helps to strengthen the knowledge and educational Lake Constance region and to increase its attractiveness.
This University Network is managed by the IBH Cooperation Council, in which the rectors and principals of the member institutes are represented. The budget of the IBH, the largest project of the International Lake Constance Conference (IBK), is made up of funds from the States and Cantons of the IBK and is co-financed through an INTERREG framework agreement.

The University Networker
Erwin Beck


Name: Prof Dr. Erwin Beck

Age: 60

Marital status: Married

Profession: Rector of the PH St.Gallen

Has lived on Lake Constance since 1951


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