A cook adds the right spice to Pfullendorf!

Paul Woerz on “The Pfullendorf old town economy for everyone”

Pfullendorf, in particular the beautiful Old Town, is something very important to Paul Woerz (55 years of age). Woerz is on the Advisory Board of the business economy initiative for Pfullendorf, as well as an associate member of the strategy group for the Old Town. In this role he is able to contribute something towards the interests of restaurant proprietors and his experiences as a resident of the Old Town. Professionally, Woerz (cook) runs the restaurant "The German Emperor" (Deutscher Kaiser) on the market square in the middle of the Old Town with his wife Sonja (a trained restaurant manager) - now in the 3rd generation. He gladly mentions the Pfullendorf Old Town restaurant. This is the meeting point for everyone - whether for clubs, regulars, companies or family celebrations. Our goal is to revitalize the Old Town with our catering/restaurant business. "It is motivating for our work to see how the citizens of Pfullendorf accept and appreciate our operation." There are many open discussions, where guests can be sure that ‘secrecy’ will be observed in the "Emperor" - as if they were attending confession! Incidentally, Woerz is also active in the Hotel and Restaurant Association, where he has been Treasurer and a Member of the Board for 25 years.
In his spare time, which is very scarce, Woerz likes to walk in Lakeside Park Pfullendorf or in the adjacent woods. At times, his family is of course also frequently attracted to nearby Lake Constance, for example, to Überlingen or Meersburg. A short hike from the monastery church Birnau via Seefelden to Unteruhldingen is worthwhile. It is also very romantic in the Marienschlucht gorge near Bodman. Woerz is definitely a family man and enjoys spending his free time - as does his wife also - with their two children, or meeting the relatives.
And what is Paul Woerz’s secret tip? A guided tour through the Pfullendorf underworld and a visit to the local museum in the Bindhaus.

A cook adds the right spice to Pfullendorf!
Paul Woerz


Name: Paul Woerz

Age: 55

Marital status: Married

Profession: Cook

Has lived on Lake Constance since 55 years


  • 20 km away from Lake Constance
  • Altitude:602 - 741 m above sea leve
  • Geograph. location: Halfway between Lake Constance and the Danube in the holiday region of North Lake Constance
  • Twinning-town partnerships: Allschwil (CH), since 13th April 1984 & Saint-Jean de Braye (F) since 1st May 1987
  • Postal code: 88618 (house address), 88630 (postal address)
  • Sub-municipalities: Aach-Linz, Denkingen, Gaisweiler-Tautenbronn, Großstadelhofen, Mottschieß, Otterswang, Zell-Schwäblishausen
  • Population: just under 14,000
  • He has served on the Board of the Hotel and Restaurant Association as Treasurer for 25 years
  • The 3rd generation of the “Deutscher Kaiser” Restaurant