Become an ambassador of the four-country region around Lake Constance

Josef Mattle, Mayor of the town of Bischofszell and vice president of the Four-country region around Lake Constance Ambassador Club e.V.

Lake Constance is a special body of water, which separated the peoples of those countries at one time. Today, we must view this significant lake as a focus of coexistence. First of all, the landscape, the countries and above all the people around it make it a unique region, which hardly exists anywhere else. Three million people live and work around Lake Constance. The region covers four national countries, various cantons, administrative districts and federal countries. With the numerous economic and friendly relationships in existence, it became clear to me that an organised entity concerning Lake Constance had to be created – the four-country region around Lake Constance.
With the aim of promoting economic politics around Lake Constance as a single unit, an ambassador club of businessmen and politicians was formed in 2005 as a loose network. I had the pleasure of being there from the very beginning and could get involved in the management committee – the so-called advisory board - in order to make a significant contribution to the networking of people around Lake Constance.
I temporarily became chairman and was able to see through the further development of these objectives with their transfer into its new form as the ambassador club “Four-country region around Lake Constance.”
With the establishment of the regional brand “Four-country region around Lake Constance”, important steps for the future of our region had been taken. We appreciate the cross-border collaboration, which becomes more intensified in this way. The regional brand gives our four countries a face – inwardly and outwardly!
In September 2012, 50 ambassadors passed the Articles of Association worked out by the extended advisory board in Singen (D), in order to pave the way for the founding of the Ambassador Club. The lively discussions about the content of the Articles of Association show how strongly the ambassadors were involved in the common cause. With the resolution made at the general meeting, the original ambassador club “Bodenseeländer – UNITED INNOVATIONS” was then transferred to the new Ambassador Club of the “Four-country region around Lake Constance” with a higher commitment.
The ambassadors are to advocate the Lake Constance region as an organised unit and promote acting together for a prosperous life. The exciting variety of the four-country region around Lake Constance shows, amongst other things, that all particulars, offers and characteristics of the region can be described by supplementary and complementary interplay. The economic area, the tourist destinations, the culture and other areas which make our region unique.
The Ambassador Club is a union of committed individuals – ambassadors – from the fields of business, tourism, science, culture, politics and administration. We communicate the special location advantages of the four-country region around Lake Constance inwardly and outwardly, promote cross-border collaboration and thus strengthen sustainably the region around Lake Constance. A region which excels unprecedentedly by its innovative economy, excellence in science and outstanding quality of life. Others want it, we have it.
We are very involved in the networking of the people around Lake Constance. This should yield a profit in that these groups of persons should do something for the Lake Constance region by using appropriate efforts in their particular field. As an economic location, we are able to convince by the unique quality of life in the region. As a holiday destination, the rich range of cultures offered and the friendliness of the people makes us even more attractive.  And as a research and education location, we are unique due to the close links to innovative companies.
We take these messages and potentials with us to the outside world in our function as ambassadors of the four-country region around Lake Constance and communicate the location advantages of our region whenever we have the opportunity.

Become an ambassador of the four-country region around Lake Constance
Josef Mattle


Name: Josef Mattle

Age: 64

Marital status: Married

Profession: Mayor/Town President/Bürgermeister

Has lived on Lake Constance since 18 years


  • 2005 foundation of the informal network Ambassador Club “Bodenseeland – UNITED INNOVATIONS”
  • 2012 Resolution to sponsor the regional brand ‘Four-country region around Lake Constance’ and the foundation of the club “Four-country region around Lake Constance Ambassador Club e.V.”