The man behind the unique Liechtenstein whisky brand “Telsington”

Marcel Telser, General Manager and “master distiller” of the Telser distillery in Triesen

For many years, Marcel Telser was a banker in the Principality of Liechtenstein.  As a side-line, he helped his father in the 130-year old ‘schnapps’ distillery.
As a young entrepreneur, Telser wanted to get away from the one-product schnapps distillery to his own product. “I felt challenged to create something new. As an aficionado of whiskies, I suddenly had the idea to create my own whisky”, tells Marcel Telser. “I wanted a new type of unique whisky with its own authentic character, which fits into our region in the alpine area”.
Telsington whisky is based on a properly matured concept. The 15 years of continuous intensive preliminary work of Marcel Telser led to a special whisky, which is characterised by various, innovative approaches. “The Telsington is a genuine stand-alone whisky, which excellently includes the Rhine valley region in its taste, smell, smoothness etc. and thus has a high recognition value with its pronounced fruitiness. At no time was it the aim to produce a modified Scotch whisky or to imitate it”, according to Marcel Telser.
During the implementation of his idea, Marcel only took advice and tips from those who know something about the “handwork”. Today, Telser is proud of his result, which has found the highest international acclaim and recognition.

The man behind the unique Liechtenstein whisky brand  “Telsington”
Marcel Telser


Name: Marcel Telser

Age: 42

Marital status: Married

Profession: Master Distiller

Has lived on Lake Constance since Since birth


  • The only commercial distillery in Liechtenstein
  • More than 130 years of tradition in the 4th generation
  • 15 years of preliminary work for the production of “Telsington” whisky
  • Fermentation and distillation of the barley in Full Wash (including the grain husks)
  • Distillation in the traditional manner using copper alembics, wood fired, pre-blending before filling
  • 3 years storage of the raw spirit in Pinot-Noir barrique barrels in a vaulted cellar with natural floors
  • Blended whisky made with pure spring water from pure, Triesner mountain sources
  • No post-coloration with caramel, or cold filtration
  • Manual filling in the distillery