The ÖPNV Action Man

Jürgen-Löffler, Managing Director of the Lake Constance-Upper Swabia Linked Transport System (bodo)

The objective of the Lake Constance-Upper Swabia linked transport system which was founded in 2004 was to establish a single rate for buses and trains with attractive offers, including the two German districts of Ravensburg and the Lake Constance district. Jürgen Löffler, Managing Director of the network which is now referred to universally as "bodo" has held this position right from the start: "We have achieved this goal and have for some time been further extending and developing the network through cooperation". Those responsible for the network are currently working on the integration of the administrative district of Lindau and collaborative solutions are also in preparation in the direction of Constance. The "construction sites" of the network are even more varied. The ambitious goal is being followed – together with tourism – to introduce a guest ticket on the German side of the Lake, which would allow free use of the ÖPNV public transport system for overnight guests.
The current top leisure and vacation offer is the bodo Day Ticket valid for up to 5 persons, which can be used, for example, to travel backwards and forwards from between the Allgäu in Baden-Württemberg and Sipplingen on Lake Constance.
"There has been an unlimited freedom to travel by train, bus and ferry for many years with the Euregio Lake Constance Day Ticket" Jürgen Löffler explained, who has worked on this project sponsored by the International Lake Constance Conference and the participating transport companies from the very beginning. The area around the Lake is divided into three zones for which tickets are available individually or as overall reduced price tickets for individuals and small groups.

Tip: This is a worthwhile means of exploring the great region around the Lake in a convenient and environmentally friendly way!

The ÖPNV Action Man
Jürgen Löffler


Name: Jürgen Löffler

Age: 52

Marital status: Married

Profession: Managing Director of the linked transport system company mbH (bodo)

Has lived on Lake Constance since 1962


  • Network operators are the District of Ravensburg and the Lake Constance District and 21 transportation companies.
  • 34.8 million passengers are transported each year.
  • 55 regional lines, 33 municipal bus lines and 5 train routes