With partners from four countries to make a success!

The combination of all our forces requires an active and creative coordination, which is implemented in the project International Economic Area Lake Constance (IWB). The goal is the positioning and marketing of the Lake Constance area as an economic location, in which all available forces in the area are unified and pooled. In addition to the economy, existing potentials from tourism, science, culture, politics, etc. are also integrated and actively included.

The first activity of the common marketing and communication offensive was the development of the regional brand „ Four-country region around Lake Constance“.

15 project partners from all four countries of the four-country region participated financially in the project and actively created it.

16 project participants(status December 2013) from the four countries of the Lake Constance region are continually informed about the project and are open for collaboration, but have not participated financially, however.


  • Chamber of Commerce Constance
  • IHK Hochrhein-Bodensee
  • IHK Bodensee-Oberschwaben
  • IHK Thurgau
  • Four-country region around Lake Constance Ambassador Club e.V.



  • International Lake Constance Tourism (IBT)



  • International Lake Constance Conference (IBK)
  • International Lake Constance Conference (IBK) – Economics Committee
  • International Lake Constance Conference (IBK) – Public Relations Committee
  • International Association of Cities Lake Constance
  • Lake Constance Council
  • Regional Association Hochrhein-Bodensee



  • International Lake Constance University (IBH)



  • Energy Agency Constance
  • Energy Agency Ravensburg



  • International Lake Constance Club


The project is open for multiplicators and promoters from numerous specialist areas, e.g. economics, tourism, politics, science, culture, transport and sports. An interdisciplinary approach should enable bundling of resources from various specialist areas and include those in the IWB project. This integration leads to a deep substance content of the brand and enables holistic positioning as a future-oriented region. Further project participants are to be successively won.