The connoisseur behind the Gottlieber treats

Dieter Bachmann, Owner and Managing Director of the Gottlieber Spezialitäten AG

What do many chocolate and specialty fans have in common with the French Emperor Napoleon III? All of them are or were connoisseurs of fine Gottlieb Hüppen or "Gaufrettes". One of these enthusiasts is Dieter Bachmann, since 2008 the owner and Managing Director of Gottlieber Specialties AG.
The foundation stone for the Gottlieber Hüppen and Gottlieber products in the style which we know today was laid in 1928, when Elisabeth Wegeli was introduced by her neighbour into the art of Gottlieb confectionary making, which was only entrusted to able and dignified women. After the war years, manufacturing was gradually mechanized stepwise and still remained a private, independently run company, managed by its owner. Today, these fine delicacies from the idyllic Lake Constance Rhine/Untersee (Southern end of the Lake) belong to the culinary heritage of Switzerland.
A considerable contribution to this success has most certainly also been the clear and simply set out pleasure and product philosophy: enjoyment of the highest quality and with a clear conscience. Dieter Bachmann explains that "no chemical additives, flavour enhancers, preserving agents, raw materials with artificially produced flavours or hydrogenated fats and many high quality, certified organic ingredients, and fair traded commodities - as far as possible from the region - are used."
This “premium product” claim is also reflected in the confectionery art: the lovingly manufactured Gottlieber Hüppen are produced using a worldwide unique process: they are individually baked according to traditional recipes using self-developed methods and machinery, rolled, filled and packaged. Also, the fillings are made of the best Swiss chocolate and melt-in-the-mouth gourmet creams – all formulated and manufactured in Gottlieben.

The connoisseur behind the Gottlieber treats
Dieter Bachmann


Name: Dieter Bachmann

Age: 41

Marital status: Married

Profession: Owner and Managing Director of the Gottlieber Spezialitäten AG


  • The very delicate warm crêpes, no thicker than 0.7 mm, are still made as they used to be – baked and rolled individually like the leaf of a precious Havanna cigar.
  • Every day 1,500 kilograms of Hüppen are manufactured, weighing 16 grammes each an impressive amount.
  • On average, 40-55 employees produce more than 200 tons of filling and about 40 tons of Mini Hüppen.