United to strengthen the location

Bärbel Heydasch, Chairperson of the Herbertinger Gewerbevereins e.V.

Increasing the attractiveness and competitiveness of the community of Herbertingen and thus the region is something that Bärbel Heydasch, 45 years old, attaches great importance to. As chairperson of the Herbertinger Gewerbeverein e.V. (trade association) she introduces many ideas and organizes - partly with the community of Herbertingen together or the Business Development and Location Marketing Company mbH for the District of Sigmaringen - numerous activities to strengthen the location’s economy.
With success, because the business location Herbertingen is more in demand than ever. This is something the qualified office clerk is particularly proud of. The people around her - whether businesspeople, friends, or family – give her the motivation for her daily work.
In her spare time, Bärbel Heydasch enjoys the region around Lake Constance. She can dangle her feet in Lake Constance, swim a few lengths in the Leisure Centre Schwarzachtalseen or visit one of the numerous historical sites and cultural events in the area.
When the spontaneous and humorous Bärbel Heydasch is not actively travelling, she treats herself to some peace and quiet in her own garden and enjoys the Swabian cuisine.
And what secret tip does Bärbel Heydasch have? Her personal favourite is “Christmas in the Forest” -the Herbertinger community forest event – held each year shortly before Christmas Eve.

United to strengthen the location
Bärbel Heydasch


Name: Bärbel Heydasch

Age: 45

Marital status: Married

Profession: Office clerk

Has lived on Lake Constance since For 45 years


  • Increasing the attractiveness and competitiveness of the community
  • Strengthening demand for the business location Herbertingen